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Therese C. Pfrimmer 


Association of

Deep Muscle Therapists

Pfrimmer Specifics Course

10 hours - $295

NCBTMB Accredited for 10 CEUs

If interested in this class , contact us through this website.

This class is an extension of the Basic Pfrimmer class.  Basic Pfrimmer is a pre-requisite for this Pfrimmer Specific course.

                                                                    COURSE DESCRIPTION

This specialized class is an extension of the Basic Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy. The Pfrimmer Specifics class helps the Pfrimmer therapist to zero in on precise areas of the body that need extra and detailed work along with the Full Body Basic Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy. The specifics include Anterior Lower Leg, Posterior Lower Leg, External Colonics, Honey Mask, Bell’s Palsy, Tic Douloureux, and Sinuses.

With the detailed Pfrimmer work you were taught during the Basic Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Class along with this meticulous specific work the therapist can help bring the client’s discomfort under control in a more natural and less intrusive manner.

The Pfrimmer Specifics can cause the body to make changes that allow blood and lymph flow to modify at the adherent areas of soft tissue. These changes can affect the cell directly and allow healing effects to take occur.


1. After taking the Pfrimmer Specific course, the student will be one step closer to Pfrimmer Certification.

2. The student will be able to zero in on common complaints the client presents to the therapist in a very detailed and precise manner.

3. The student will know the contraindications.

4. The student will learn about the Honey Mask and how it can be a very pleasant and relaxing hour for the client.

5. The student will see how the Honey Mask can stimulate the skin to allow increased blood flow to the face and neck.

6. The student will learn that the Honey Mask may also help reduce bacteria on the surface of the skin.

7. The student will learn that using these Pfrimmer Specifics can increase the effectiveness of the Basic Full Body Pfrimmer.

8. The student will learn that External Colonics can be used to stimulate the colon to move its contents in a more normal and natural way.

9. The student will be able to use the Pfrimmer Specifics technique to release the client’s sinuses to help drain normally and release sinus pressure. thus help with sinus discomfort.

10. The student will be able to use Pfrimmer to help the client dealing with lower leg and foot issues in addition to the Basic Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy. The student will learn that both front and back of the leg is important for pain and tissue healing.

11. Bell’s Palsy can be positively affected with the Pfrimmer Specific technique to help any inflammation dissipate and help release the nerve that influences the pain levels and paralysis of the face.

12. The student will be able to address the specific disease Tic Douloureux that involves the trigeminal nerve of the face. This disease can cause great pain for the client and this Specific technique will demonstrate the gentleness, yet effectiveness needed to use the Pfrimmer Specific to help release Tic Douloureux.

Learning Outcomes

This class contains seven specific body parts that Therese Pfrimmer taught during her classes. The class is designed to continue the teachings of Therese Pfrimmer’s work specifically and give the student additional ways to help clients in dealing with the seven specific conditions presented as well as help the students transfer the detailed work to other conditions and other body parts needing precise attention the student may encounter. This class’s pre-requisition is the Basic Pfrimmer course and is a requirement for Pfrimmer Certification but not required to take the Advanced Pfrimmer course.

This class allows time to practice the demonstrated specifics. And, as the student practices these specifics, the student can gain more palpation skills yet again during this class. Contraindications will also be discussed before starting this class to assure the students knows when they can use Pfrimmer on a client.

The seven specifics the student will learn are: honey mask, external colonics, anterior lower leg, posterior lower leg, sinus, Tic Douloureux, and Bell’s Palsy. The techniques in these specifics will take the student to a new level of understanding the Pfrimmer technique and the needs of their clients.