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Therese C. Pfrimmer 


Association of

Deep Muscle Therapists

Advanced Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy Course

16 Hour Course - $495

NCBTMB Accredited for 16 CEUs

Next Scheduled Class is October 8 & 9, 2022

in Nashville, IN. 

If interested in this class, contact us through this website .  Registration for this class must be done one week prior to the start of the class.

Prerequisite – Graduating from a TCPIADMT approved Pfrimmer course namely Basic Pfrimmer sponsored by TCPIADMT or Ruthann Hobbs Pfrimmer 1 course. Student must have a complete working knowledge of the basic pattern of the full body Pfrimmer.

Course Description

This class is designed to advance Therese C. Pfrimmer’s own work in a more specific manner and to be able to use Therese C. Pfrimmer’s techniques to enhance the Basic Pfrimmer therapist’s technique they have already learned. These advanced twelve additional techniques in the Advanced Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy class will bring the Basic Pfrimmer skill to a more cutting-edge method of addressing client’s issues.

These twelve advanced techniques will benefit the client’s needs specifically to allow the therapist to be able to address the different levels of adherences in the muscle tissue more fully and in a manner that can deliver results faster and more completely. These advanced twelve techniques allow a quicker evaluation of the adherences by the therapist as well as to know how to handle the various conditions with the advanced twelve techniques being taught. Pfrimmer results are based on the Therapist’s ability to critically think through a condition the client brings him or her then with basic and advanced Pfrimmer (including the twelve advanced techniques) the therapeutic results are attained solely by the skillful use of the hands of the therapist. This class continues where the basic class leaves off to extend to the client a deeper and more complete Pfrimmer session as well as a more skillful and satisfying session produced by the therapist.

The use of the twelve advanced techniques presented in the class can also help the therapist determine the complexity of the issue or adherences and which advanced technique to use in each instance. The twelve advanced techniques can also bring a more extensive therapy session for the client by increasing the therapist’s palpation skills and assessment skills using the twelve advanced techniques.

The average work life of a massage therapist is 5-8 years. The twelve specific advanced techniques can help the Pfrimmer therapist reduce the risk of therapist injury or over-use syndrome in doing the deeper work some clients require thus allowing a longer work life for the therapist.

The presentation of eight different common ailments will be addressed to use with the twelve advanced troubleshooting techniques. Those eight common ailments will demonstrate and allow the Pfrimmer therapist to transfer the twelve advanced techniques and knowledge to all other body parts and apply to other common conditions. This class will also instruct the Pfrimmer therapist which advanced technique might be the better choice for different body parts. Endangerment sites will also be discussed using the twelve advanced techniques.

Advanced Pfrimmer is a very detailed art and is an excellent choice for those therapists wanting to take their Pfrimmer technique and businesses to a whole new level of helping people feel well and pain free as well as protecting the therapist’s hands, wrists, and thumbs.


1. The student will be able to learn more about the twelve techniques and perform them proficiently that Therese Pfrimmer developed herself.

2. The student will be able to identify the needs of the client through the assessment techniques.

3. The student will be able to communicate with the client in a caring and reassuring manner to learn to manage their pain and to assure their comfort level of the advanced techniques.

4. This class will give the student an advanced knowledge of the Pfrimmer experience by using more techniques added to the Pfrimmer therapist’s toolbox with the experience of using those advanced twelve techniques in a professional manner and in a way to assure comfort in the techniques.

5. This class will give the student a more complete understanding of Therese Pfrimmer’s work by expanding more on her methodology.

6. This class will give the student twelve more specific advanced techniques to help the therapist aid the client in a more complete therapy session with confidence using Therese’s own work along with the danger zones that are consistent with this type of deeper body work.

7. The Advanced Pfrimmer class will allow the client to experience a more profound Pfrimmer both physiologically and energetically.

8. The student will leave with the understanding of how the Advanced Pfrimmer reaches the adherences and allows the body to heal itself.

9. This class will allow the therapist to save their hands, thumbs, & wrists with the deeper work that comes with the Advanced Pfrimmer class along with the knowledge that using the advanced techniques lightly will be effective also.

10. The therapist will learn twelve advanced techniques to help the therapist meet the more complicated needs of their clients in a professional manner staying within their scope of practice.

11. The student will learn how to target eight different common ailments with the Pfrimmer advanced techniques.

12. This Advanced Pfrimmer class allows the therapist to qualify for the Pfrimmer Certification process which shows their clients and prospective employers they value continuing education and being the best they can be with Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy and with assurance within themselves that they are proficient in the Pfrimmer technique.

13. The student will learn to critically think through the different ailments and how to apply Pfrimmer and its advanced techniques to give the client the most from their Pfrimmer therapy and give a more satisfying therapy session to the client.

14. This class will give the student specific work for eight body areas using the additional advanced techniques presented and be able to transfer those techniques to other body areas and for other ailments as well as considering the endangerment sites.

15. While reviewing Pfrimmer for specific body parts, the student will ascertain the advanced techniques appropriate for those body parts.

16. The student will be able to discuss in more detail the reasons the therapist should ask clients certain questions.

17. The therapist will be able to ascertain with greater scrutiny the questions to ask the client to get more enhanced detail about the client’s pain pattern and specific complaints.

Learning Outcomes

This advanced class gives the therapist precision in using the twelve extra advanced techniques that were developed by Therese Pfrimmer herself. The twelve advanced techniques will be able to be utilized by the student that are intended for the deeper work which some clients need and want but they will be taught to use them lightly and still be effective. Advanced Pfrimmer gives the Pfrimmer therapist the twelve additional advanced techniques that will meet even the most difficult client’s needs and it will lead the student through eight common ailments to practice those tools. These advanced techniques & common ailments will help the student begin to critically think through other problem areas or diagnoses thoroughly to eventually tackle any issue their clients may present. This advanced class will enable the Pfrimmer therapist to protect their hands, thumbs, and wrists and help ensure the therapist’s longevity in this work. The Advanced Pfrimmer class completes another requirement for Pfrimmer certification.

Letters from those who have taken the Advanced Pfrimmer Course

The Advanced class helps pull your Basic Pfrimmer together and really helps your clients with different disease processes.  The techniques also help the therapist conserve their body and be able to practice longer.  The instructors are great and help you with the techniques and make sure you understand .  You will not regret putting the time and effort into taking this class - Carolyn Burbank (11-6-21)

I would highly reccomnend taking the Advanced Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy Beyond the Basics Course.  It will help to save your thumbs in years to come.  It is going to be very helpful in doing deeper work on my clients who suffer from deeper pain or more critical health issues.  The instructors are dedicated to teach the proper technique with great care to show visuals to help with hands on.  If you have taken Basic Pfrimmer (Pfrimmer 1), you will definitely want this Advance Pfrimmer course for you and for your clients.  The finished results are amazing! - Becky Gault (11-6-21)

After graduating from Pfrimmer, I was a PDMT for 14 1/2 years before taking the Advanced Pfrimmer.  I would say to you - take this.  I wish I had taken this many years ago.  The techniques I have learned are invaluable!  My body will be so happy to use my new tools!  I am so very excited to return to my clints and see the difference I can make in their lives as well as saving my wear and tear on my own body!  Anita Kean (11-6-21)

This class has been a wonderful asset in my growth as a licensed massage therapist.  I cannot recommend this class enough.  The teaching instruction, hands-on time, and materials were very well done.  Jackie and Michelle were fantastic and have a vast amount of knowledge they are willing to share.  As the hand-on instruction went on, they are wonderful in their approach to correcting your technique but in the same sense building your confidence.  I have already been able to think of so many of my clients who will be helped by my continuing education.  There has been a ton of heart, thought, time, and effort to create this class.  If you take the time to focus and learn, it will be a wonderful tool to add to your tool belt! - Amy Taylor (11-6-21)